Free HTML5 Bob the Robber Games



  • WASD or arrow keys to play
  • Space bar to attack guard

Bob the robber is a mysterious game of robbing the rich and giving to the poor. In this game, you will play a robber who steals from the rich and feeds it back to the poor. You need to help Bob, sneak into buildings in affluent areas, avoid sharp cameras and corrupt door attendants, and be an honest and strange thief.

Bob the robber’s game operations

In Bob the robber, you move in the direction through the direction keys, move around in the productive construction group, and look for more money. Use the space bar to attack, and if you are facing an aggressive guard, then to avoid being caught, you can attack him first. Being caught by the guard many times and even photographed by the camera means your game has failed.

Bob the robber’s game features

It is a just struggle, in the whole process of the game, you have five opportunities that you don’t catch. Otherwise, you will fail. Bob, the robber, has five levels of challenges, and you can choose the difficulty you can meet to challenge. Moreover, here, you need to entirely rely on stealth and maneuver to complete each level of tasks. May you find more wealth to help the poor and resist evil.

Do you dare to challenge and stimulate?  If you want to prove it, choose Bob the robber.  You need to help thieves avoid the surveillance and security of the host family when stealing.  And after taking something, they can get away with it and use it successfully to help the poor.  Or choose to play bridge. This card game is easy to use. Once you want to play well, you need to put in some effort. Do you dare to challenge?

Crush the castle is a shooting game that pays attention to punctuality. The weapon is fired in the direction of the opponent’s hungry castle to make it collapse even the base, thus winning the game. ┬áThe same type of tower defence, which needs to protect its base, pays excellent attention to your strategy and how to arrange your troops to make your opponents all die in the case when attacking. There are more rifles than pistols and airbrushes, but not all weapons are suitable for hunting. In addition to considering the type of animal to be hunted, personal preference is very important for the specific choice of weapons.

However, bloxorz is a very challenging puzzle game. You will make the cuboid move for many times and then put its whole body in a vertical space. This is the success of the game.  If you want to relieve the pressure, then choose a happy room, which can let you destroy the doll to various degrees in the room, and can let you vent your emotions and return to a calm state of mind.